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Radio & TV Host. Activist. Speaker.



Mike Broomhead is Arizona’s leading talk radio host for a reason! He uses his business and life experience to address the issues impacting Arizona citizens today.

Whether it’s politicians, celebrities, or every day citizens making news, Mike Broomhead’s willingness to ask the hard questions of those “in the know” on a daily basis is why he has been Arizona’s go-to talk radio host for the past 12 years.


You’ve seen him on national television, heard him on syndicated radio shows, and enjoyed him on multiple podcasts. Rooted in fiscal and social conservatism, Mike leaves no doubt where he stands on any issue. He values conversations about right vs. wrong more than right vs. left. He fights for the freedoms of Americans and brings the hottest issues of the day to his listeners.


Inspired by the service and ultimate sacrifice of his brother Tom, who tragically lost his life on Memorial Day 2003 in Iraq, Mike initially made a name for himself speaking at the largest pro-troops rallies in the country. He was called upon to debate against the anti-war crowd on both television and radio and is now highly requested around the country to speak at events.


Mike has emceed Presidential rallies, subbed for Glenn Beck’s television and radio shows, authored a book and has given countless hours to supporting non-profits across Arizona. Now you have a chance to bring him before your organization to inspire, educate and entertain your audience.



Mike Broomhead Operation American Patriot Gala Speech

2015 Restoring Hope Breakfast - Mike Broomhead

Growing list of Arizona Republicans have had enough amid 'audit'


Radio & TV Host

"You won't forget Mike Broomhead's story of rising up from poverty and becoming one of the leading voices in talk radio. He offers common sense advice and a unique take on life, relationships, and politics. I am proud to call him a friend."

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